Elect Judge Tracy Staab To the Court of Appeals

Division III • District 1 • Position 2

An Experienced Judge We Can Trust

The Court of Appeals is the second-highest court in the State. Eastern Washington deserves judges at this level with judicial experience and proven leadership. There is no substitute for my 27 years of legal experience as a judge, civil attorney, prosecutor, and public defender. As an attorney and law clerk, I have worked on hundreds of appeals.

For the last 11 years, I have been a Judge for the Spokane Municipal Court. Our Court has been recognized locally and nationally for developing innovative programs that address the underlying causes of criminal behavior.

My dedication to our community is demonstrated by my volunteer and committee work.  I have served on the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Commission as well as the Executive Council for our church, Life Center Foursquare.

As a judge, I strive to be prepared, well-versed, firm, courageous, consistent, and kind. A servant of the law and the people it protects. A judge that respects the three branches of government, does not legislate from the bench, and faithfully upholds the Constitution. I aspire to be a judge that treats people with dignity and compassion. Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly.

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Voting for Judges:

By law, Judges are nonpartisan and cannot suggest how they will decide issues.  The best approach is to consider the candidates as applicants for a job.  Look for qualifications, experience, and references. I am the only candidate who has been rated “Exceptionally Well Qualified” by four independent bar associations, including the Washington State Veteran’s Bar Association. My references include strong bi-partisan support from business owners, community leaders, and law enforcement. Please see my endorsements for a long list of references.  I encourage you to compare the candidates and decide for yourself who is the most qualified candidate.

* More than 60% of the cases argued at the Court of Appeals are criminal cases.


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